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community challenge!, Challenge 11 winner
A Sara Sidle Stillness Challenge
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23rd-Mar-2007 06:30 pm - Challenge 12 and Challenge 13
stock - highway wings
Because there was only one entry for the previous challenge, we're going to skip voting this week. Also, we're going to combine the two challenges. That way, come next Friday, there should be (hopefully) plenty to vote for.

Challenge 12 + 13Collapse )
Sorry for the delay, there was a mixup. My bad! But everything's worked itself out now :D

Challenge 11: Winners/BannersCollapse )

It's rather late, and I'm a little lazy, so for now a theme!

Details under the cut.Collapse )

-- And pimp this community please :) You can use the banners here, or a simple "Join sidle_stillness!" works :)
9th-Mar-2007 11:36 am - Challenge 11 (redo) Voting!
Hey guys! I'm a little disappointed because only two people entered, but that's okay!
I'll promote more in the future! :D

There's only three icons, so I had to do the poll differently.

Anyway, it's voting time! Remember:
- Don't vote for yourself!
- & Don't tell others to vote for you!
- Poll will be closed on Sunday

cut for poll, challenge 11 (redo)Collapse )
7th-Mar-2007 10:53 am - Challenge 11 Reminder!
Hi, guys!
There's only been two fabulous submissions so far, but more please :)

Just a reminder to get your entries in by Friday morning!
4th-Mar-2007 06:38 pm - Challenge 11 (redo)
I've decided to start my reign with a challenge for a shiny new community icon!
We don't have one currently (unfortunately), and the page looks sad without one.
And so, I've decided that we should have one!

Rules and images under the cut.Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2007 11:41 am - Poll results, and more mod stuff!
So! As of 11AM on Friday March 2nd, everyone voted to cancel Challenge 11, and most people voted to start a new challenge.
AND SO, I'll be starting a new challenge on Sunday :)

Now, some more Modly stuff:
thiscanbegin has graciously offered her services to help me out when I need it, so after this week, she's gonna post the submission and winner posts, and I'm gonna post the voting and banner posts!

Also, we will be participating in the challenges (I'm pepsi_boyfriend, btw), but of course, neither of us will be up for Mod's Choice.

And, I'm going to tag all previous posts for better usage :)

Lastly? I have a couple of banners for you to use to promote! cut for sizeCollapse )

Jeez, that was long. See you guys on Sunday, for a new challenge!
23rd-Feb-2007 10:33 pm - Hi, new mod!
Hi! afteriwake gave me the comm yesterday, and I hope I can do the old mods justice by bringing this comm back!

I changed the layout, as well as the rules and timeline, which are both in the userinfo, but it's basically the same community except the time is as is:

Sunday night: Submission posts is posted.

Friday (12PM EST): Submission post closed, voting post is posted.

Sunday night: Voting post closed, new submission post is posted.

Now, I have a poll:
poll is closed.Collapse )

Also, should I start a new challenge?
17th-Jan-2006 08:12 am - Challenge 10 Winners/Challenge 11
Bleach - Aizen: Thoughts by yachiru
Considering there were two entries, challenge 10 isn't going up to voting; I chose the places for the two entries:

1st Place: by moonygirl

2nd Place: by jupiterlullaby

Now, as for challenge 11...

Challenge 11Collapse )

Challenge will end on January 23rd, whenever I can get online that night (it's my 25th birthday, so I may end it in the afternoon or late in the evening). Comment here with your entries.
18th-Dec-2005 10:19 pm - Admin notice
Eliza (red)
I've been really sick all week, and I've had a hard time getting to work as it was. Plus today was spent Christmas shopping, which is why I was absent today. Anyhow, tomorrow I will be posting voting for the last two challenges (which I will be combining due to low participation.) I will also be posting the next challenge which will run til January 1st.
5th-Dec-2005 05:40 pm - extension reminder
Eliza (red)

As there were no entries for Challenge #10, I will be extending the deadline to Saturday December 10th at 11pm PST.

The challenge can be found here .


As well would people like to go on a Christmas break following the 10th? Meaning that there would be no challenges until the new year? Or would people prefer a two week limit for challenges until the new year? Please let me know.

3rd-Dec-2005 12:26 am - Reminder
Eliza (red)

No one has entered any icons for challenge #10. I know the holiday season is almost upon us, but please enter some icons. If people would prefer that the community goes on hiatus during the holidays, please let me know. But please enter an icon or two. You can find the challenge here.


If there are no entries by 6pm PST tonight, I will extend the challenge for one more week.

27th-Nov-2005 01:41 pm - Challenge #10
Eliza (red)

Challenge #10 is a two parter challenge as requested by afteriwake . The first part is for anyone who's feeling really adventurous. The second part is your standard cap challenge. You can only enter one part. If you enter both, you will be disqualified from both parts. If we get enough icons, I will hold seperate voting for the two parts.

Part ACollapse )

Part BCollapse )

Deadline for entries: Saturday December 03rd at 11PM PST
27th-Nov-2005 01:39 pm - Challenge #9 voting...
Eliza (red)

We only had five entries, so vote for your favourite icon.

votingCollapse )

27th-Nov-2005 01:35 pm - LIMS update
Eliza (red)
After much thought and consideration... since we only have had four participants sign up for LIMS and I think it'd be unfair if I participated, I don't think LIMS will  be happening at this time for sidle_stillness . I am not very happy about it but I don't think it's very fair if I run a contest with only four participants. However, if you'd like to LIMS happen for this community, the best thing you can do is either promote it at your own journals, or if you haven't already signed up for it, sign up now. I will give it one more week before I officially cancel LIMS for this community. So please spread the word and/or sign up!
20th-Nov-2005 11:17 am(no subject)
Eliza (red)
Since we only have one entry for Challenge #9, I am extending it for one week. The new deadline is Saturday November 26th at 11PM PST. Please submit your entries for Challenge #9 here.

I will be posting more information on the LIMS later today.
13th-Nov-2005 04:25 pm - Challenge #9
Eliza (red)

Don't forget to vote for Challenge #8 and let me know if you're interested in LIMS for this community. You can do both things here.

Anyhow on to the challenge...

Standard rules apply. You can submit up one icon per cap. Challenge ends on Saturday Novemember 19th at 11pm PST.

capsCollapse )

And one last question, would anyone have a problem if I posted a pic or two of Jorja Fox outside of her role as Sara Sidle? Let me know either way.

caps are from the season one episode "Cool Change" and were found at Beyond Imagination.

13th-Nov-2005 04:18 pm - Voting for round #8
Eliza (red)

It's that time of week again. We had a small turn out this week, so please only vote for your top two favourites. I will be doing a mod's choice for this round.

vote!Collapse )

Updated on LIMS: I still only have three people interested in LIMS and I need at least three more to run it over here. The prizes will be 2 months of paid user time for the journal of your choice or 4 months of extra user pics for the journal of your choice (as long as you have a paid journal for that account.) So if you're interested in participating in LIMS, please respond here. All participants will receive a banner for their participation.

9th-Nov-2005 07:47 pm - Mid Week Reminders
Eliza (red)

Firstly, if you're interested in LIMS for this community, please sign up here. So far we only have 3 people interested, and I need at least three more for that to go ahead. If I get enough people, I'll be starting it this Sunday, so sign up!

Secondly, if you've not gotten your icons in for this week's challenge, please do so here.

6th-Nov-2005 05:10 pm - Challenge 7 Banners
banners under the cutCollapse )

Congrats to the other winners! i hope you like your banners
6th-Nov-2005 04:10 pm - Chalenge #8.
Eliza (red)
Standard rules apply. You have until Saturday November 12th at 11pm PST to get your icons in.

capsCollapse )
6th-Nov-2005 04:08 pm - Mod Post
Eliza (red)
First of all would anyone be interested in being the resident banner maker for this community?

And secondly, if you're interested in LIMS, please leave a comment to that affect. I need a minimum of six people to participate for a LIMS.
31st-Oct-2005 08:45 pm - Voting for Challenge #7
Eliza (red)

I am really sorry for the delay but I pretty much spent of all yesterday in bed and then with Halloween today, things have been very hetic. Because of a variety of reasons, I am putting the community on a temporary hiatus of one week. The challenges will resume as per normal on Sunday November 6th.

Before I moving onto the voting, I'd like to ask people if they'd be interested in a LIMS contest over here. Basically if you're unfamilar with LIMS it's a "last icon maker standing contest" where every week there'd be a special challenge alongside the normal challenges where participants of the LIMS would enter an icon based on the challenge, and then one person will be voted off based on their icon every week until there was only one icon maker left. Prizes at this time are undetermined, but they'd probably be something along the lines of 2 months paid user time or 2 months extra user pics. I've not really decided what it'd be. I'd like to see at least 5-6 people participating in this, so please be sure to leave a yay or a nay if you're interested in the LIMS.

voting for challenge #7Collapse )

23rd-Oct-2005 09:43 am - Challenge extended
Eliza (red)

Since we only had two people who entered this week's challenge, I will be extending it. Normally I wouldn't but I'd like to see at least one or two more entries so that we can have more than a first place winner. The new deadline will be Saturday October 29th at 11pm.  Normally I won't be extending the challenges, but I have a feeling it's been a rough week for people. You can find the challenge here.

20th-Oct-2005 07:31 pm - Challenge #6 Results
Eliza (red)

Don't forget to participate in Challenge #7 as it closes this Sunday.

winnersCollapse )

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